How can I avoid the cable becoming hard?

Wed Aug 10 11:21:09 CST 2022

How can I avoid the cable becoming hard? Why does the cable become hard after using it for a period of time? This is usually a common problem caused by some unfavorable factors. Here are 5 tips to avoid the hardening of the cable.

1. Avoid using the cable for a long time at high temperature and low temperature, which can effectively prevent the cable from becoming hard.

2. The connecting line should avoid contact with acid and alkali liquids to prevent the connecting line from hardening due to corrosion factors.

3. The application environment of the connecting wire cannot have a large temperature difference, so as to avoid the hardening of the connecting wire due to the discomfort of temperature.

4. When using the connecting wire, the wire should not be pulled too tightly, because the connecting wire will become stiff if pulled too tightly.

5. The connecting line should not be placed in the open air, but should be placed in a ventilated place to avoid hardening caused by prolonged exposure to the high temperature of the sun.