The difference between pvc electronic wire and Teflon electronic wire

Thu May 19 09:58:37 CST 2022

The characteristics of PVC electronic wire: the hardness and gloss can be adjusted according to the formula; good acid and alkali resistance; excellent flame resistance; easy to process and wiring; cheaper price; various specifications and color patterns.

Teflon wire features: flame retardant, but also has excellent corrosion resistance, oil resistance, strong acid and alkali resistance, strong oxidant, etc.; excellent electrical insulation properties, high voltage resistance, low frequency loss, no moisture absorption, insulation resistance Large; high and low temperature resistance, aging resistance, long service life.

The essential difference between PVC electronic wire and Teflon electronic wire is that the material used for the outer skin is different. The temperature resistance of using PVC material as the outer skin is about 80 degrees, and the temperature resistance of using Teflon as the outer skin is about 180 degrees; Teflon electronic wire Compared with PVC electronic wire, it has the advantages of high temperature resistance, cold resistance, anti-aging and anti-corrosion.