What are the benefits of a cigarette lighter?

Fri Apr 01 10:33:37 CST 2022

Cigarette lighters are available on many different price points and types of cars. Why? Let's take a look at some of the functions of cigarette lighters.

1. The cigarette lighter can be used as a power outlet

The original function of the cigarette lighter has been used by few people. Now many people use it as a power source, because not all the USB ports in the car can be used to draw electricity. The voltage of the cigarette lighter and the USB port is different. It can be connected to the car air pump, driving recorder, car purifier and other equipment, and power it.

2. The cigarette lighter can be connected to the inverter

In addition, the cigarette lighter interface can also be connected to an inverter for current conversion of the battery, so that some small appliances can be used through the inverter.